sobota, 6 czerwca 2009

DIY LEE Filters holder

A few days ago I bought LEE Filters swatchbook for my 580EXII speedlite (yes, I bought it - although it should be free to get, Polish distributor takes extra money for it, unfortunately). The most popular method to mount a gel from swatchbook on a flash is using a velcro on each gel (see lighting-101-using-gels-to-correct). But there is almost 300 gels in the swatchbook! True, only few gels are used (so one can use velcro to that gels), but what with the others? Don't tell me that you will stick velcro on almost 300 gels. I haven't feel doing this either, so I did transparent straps with velcro to mount every gel without sticking anything on it.

At first I needed a strong, transparent foil. Fortunately, a few days ago my girlfriend bought a bonnet with strong, transparent, elastic case. The case was pretty handy (for a bonnet) and she didn't want to give it to me, but 3Bit XXL + Bounty did a deal. ;)

Next step I cut several straps..

..and made some drills on the endings of straps for better glue binding.

On strap endings I stuck velcro (,,soft'' from one side and ,,hard'' from the other, so other gear with velcro may be joined to straps).

With these straps gels can be mounted easily on a flash.

Straps can be used either vertical or horizontal.

And when straps are long enough, other light modifiers like snoots or grids can be mounted without any problems.

czwartek, 21 maja 2009

They are sweet, aren't they?

A few days ago I uploaded a photo with a young girl screaming to her pink phone. This photo was taken at the same party and the young girl is on the second plan. On the first plan there is her cousin. They're sweet, aren't they? And they love ice cream. The photo was taken with Canon 400D and Sigma 30mm lens, ISO 400, f/5.0, 1/80 exposure time. I used external flash 580ex II bounced off of walls (as far as I remember).

poniedziałek, 18 maja 2009

New toy

I got a very cool gift on my birthday from my wonderful and extraordinary girlfriend. And no, it wasn't a new phone. It wasn't a child neither. ;) It was a wireless remote/flash trigger Phottix Strato C6 for our 400D DSLR. Yeah, it's not Pocket Wizard, but it's over ten times cheaper and it works like a charm. The photo above was taken with 580 EX II flash behind this young model (she's my goddaughter) triggered by my new toy (I love you honey!). I know, I burnt out her hair and there is a mess on second plan, but her expression is just amazing.

środa, 15 kwietnia 2009


That is Sheeba. I did this picture a few months ago (December 08, AFAIR). It was taken with Canon 400d and Sigma 30mm f/1.4 without flash. I used ISO 800 so there is a little noise visible. And what can I say.. I like this photo.

wtorek, 14 kwietnia 2009

Hello, world!

Hi there! I'm Pawel. And my english is not so perfect.. I'm a newbie photographer also. And for this two reasons I decided to start a blog. My idea is to write english on this blog (or I should rather say try to write english), so I apologise for all the mistakes that you can see here. But I would be very grateful for all advises and corrections.